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ACNM Future Focus

ACNM’s FutureFocus is our name for ACNM’s strategic planning framework. Since the last significant refresh of our strategic goals was done in 2008, ACNM is currently working on a new plan for 2015-2020.

Strategic Planning for 2015 and Beyond: Drafting our New Plan

In order to guide our organization for the coming years, ACNM has been developing a new strategic goal framework throughout 2014 and into 2015, using input from members, national and affiliate volunteers, and other resources.

As part of our 60th anniversary year, ACNM is pleased to provide a preview of our proposed strategic plan for 2015-2020. We encourage members to review this executive summary of the plan and take our quick survey or send comments to [email protected]. If you wish to read a full-length version of the plan, the plan is available here.

The final plan will be released at the ACNM 60th Annual Meeting & Exhibition, June 27-July 1, 2015, in the metropolitan DC area.

Strategic Plan through 2008-2014: ACNM's Current Plan

Our overarching aim is that by 2020, midwives will attend 20% of all births in the United States. To achieve that goal, we currently operate under the following six strategic goals:

  • Goal 1: We will create strategic communication detailing the value of midwifery care in the United States by 2010.
  • Goal 2: CNMs/CMs will achieve full autonomy in practice and equitable reimbursement by 2015.
  • Goal 3: There will be 1000 newly certified CNMs/CMs per year by 2015.
  • Goal 4: Support the provision of high-quality maternity care and women’s health services by CNMs and CMs as reflected in the ACNM mission statement.
  • Goal 5: Ensure the organizational effectiveness and efficiency of ACNM through the volunteer structure and national office.
  • Goal 6: Position ACNM and its members to be leaders in efforts to reduce infant mortality and improve maternal health globally by 2015.

For more information about ACNM’s strategic planning process, contact us at [email protected].

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