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Professional Liability Information

What is Professional Liability?

Midwife Professional Liability Insurance helps protect against the cost of lawsuits based on the professional services you provide.  This policy provides coverage for legal expenses and the monies you are legally obligated to pay to compensate others for loss resulting from your actual or alleged wrongful acts or those of another person for whom you are legally responsible.

2014 ACNM Professional Liability Resource Kit (PDF download)  


Midwives must be knowledgeable of the types of insurance policies that can safeguard their assets, and partake in the right plan to provide maximum coverage to avoid severe financial loss. The Professional Liability Resource Kit will help by covering topics such as:

        •    Sources of professional liability coverage

        •    Types of insurance policies

        •    Advantages and disadvantages of different types of policies

        •    Limits of professional liability

Risk Reduction

The purpose of risk management is the recognition of conditions, situations, and outcomes that may be associated with professional liability claims.  Once these risks are recognized, clinical and administrative practices are identified which enhance patient care, decrease professional liability claims, and/or increase the defensibility of the claim.

The following documents will provide information of the areas of most litigation in midwifery:

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