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National Midwifery Week, October 5 - 11, 2014

National Midwifery Week was created by ACNM to celebrate and recognize midwives and midwife-led care. We are continuing to spread the word about midwives through the Our Moment of Truth™ campaign. During National Midwifery Week, we need your help to keep reaching even more women about midwife-led care. 

By participating and encouraging others to take one simple action each day of the week, we’ll take one collective stride towards creating a new understanding of midwife-led care in the United States. Here's what you can do to help.

Daily Action Plan

Monday:  Know Your Options!
Sign the Your Health Promise pledge at Take the time to educate yourself about what the pledge really means and why taking this step is so important for you personally and/or your family. 

Tuesday:  Bust a Myth!
What is misunderstood or simply incorrect about your perception of your health, women's health care in general, or the care midwives provide? Check out the myths listed here, or think of your own. Then share the truth through your social media networks.    

Wednesday: Spread the Word!
Help spread the word about midwife-led care in your community. Check out the great tools here, and take one step forward by personalizing the press release found in the members-only toolkit and sending it to your local media. Be sure to check with your affiliated practice, education program, group, or ACNM affiliate to see if plans are already in progress for local media outreach that you could join. We would also appreciate a copy the personalized release!  E-mail it to us at [email protected]

OMOT Share Your Story Icon

Thursday: Share Your Story!
Share your story
, positive or negative, about a health care experience. If there are things you are going to do differently in the future, let us know.  Did a midwife play a role in your health care? What was the impact? We would appreciate hearing your health care story to learn about how it has affected you. 

OMOT Put Yourself First

Friday: Put Yourself First!
It’s always important to make time for yourself, and National Midwifery Week affords the perfect opportunity! Tell us how you are going to take time for your health. Ideas include getting a flu shot from a midwife who provides primary care, getting your mammogram, and exercising. Tell us how you are going to put yourself first here, and how midwife-led care inspired you or helped play a direct role in putting your health first.

For more simple ways to get involved and spread the word about Our Moment of Truth™, check out our free awareness toolkit, which contains a comprehensive social media guide, template blog post, template email, and printable campaign fact sheet for easy mass distribution.

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