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National Midwifery Week, October 2 - 8, 2016

National Midwifery Week 2016 is October 2 - 8. See future dates here.

National Midwifery Week was created by ACNM to celebrate and recognize midwives and midwife-led care. It’s time to display your pride in the hallmarks of midwifery that you deliver every day; this week is for you and about you. We need your help to keep spreading the word. 

We believe everyone has the right to know how much #MidwivesMakeADifference to women and families!

View a sampling of how ACNM members celebrated National Midwifery Week 2016.

Whether you’re willing to throw yourself into hosting a full-scale midwifery-themed event in your community or only have time to share our stories on Facebook and retweet us on Twitter, every action from every individual builds our celebration and helps to raise awareness. Here’s what you can do to help.

Share our Daily Action Plan

One of the simplest ways to participate in National Midwifery Week is to encourage clients, friends, and family to take part in our daily action plan. Each action of the day is geared toward creating a new understanding of midwife-led care and the importance of normal, healthy birth. And don't forget to use the official hashtag #NatMW16 whenever you post or repost on social media. Share with your clients using our consumer-friendly language on Midwifery & Women's Health via Our Moment of Truth here

Monday: Walk to Improve Womens Health!

Grab your sneakers and take a stroll. Host or participate in a 5k, walk with your colleagues, find a “Miles for Midwives” walk, or join a team of another walk. Wear t-shirts boasting your passion for midwifery! However you choose to move, Get Moving to raise awareness about midwifery and women’s health. Familiarize yourself with the excellent resources available on our consumer website, Midwifery & Women’s Health, Discover Midwifery Care at They’re yours for the taking!

Tuesday: Help Midwives Go Mainstream!

Misunderstandings keep many women from enjoying the benefits of midwifery care. What myth about midwives do you most often encounter? Check out the midwifery myths listed here, or think of your own. Then share the truth through your social media networks and on ACNM’s social media channels. Be sure to use the hashtag: #MidwivesMakeADifference

Wednesday: Move Your Community!

Pick one thing you can do today to spread the word about midwives in your community. Check out the great tools here, and take one step forward by sharing an OMOT Facebook status or personalizing a resource in one of the OMOT Toolkits and share it with others in your community. There’s an audience at your fingertips if you just take the first step and make introductions.

Thursday: Share Your Story!

Did you have an “ah-ha!” moment when you realized midwifery was right for you? Did you have a birth experience that led you to midwifery? Did you have a midwife for your own health care? Share your story on Midwifery & Women’s Heath, Discover Midwifery Care at OurMomentofTruth.comthen share the link to your story with your social media networks. #MidwivesMakeADifference.

Friday: Take Care of You!

Self-care is always important, and National Midwifery Week affords the perfect opportunity to take care of you. How will you get moving to support your own health care? We suggest fun ways to celebrate you because of your dedication and hard work for others.

Go all-out: National Midwifery Week Planning Kit

This guide provides the basic tools necessary to plan, stage, and publicize your affiliate’s and practice’s events for the week. Plus, see what other midwives and their supporters have planned!

Click here to see the guide, which includes:

Get the Graphics and Ads

Download print and web-quality versions of the official National Midwifery Week 2016 logo and social media icons for Facebook or your blog or website. 

The 2016 logos and other artwork is available HERE!

Watch and Share our Videos

Save the Date: Future National Midwifery Weeks

National Midwifery Week is held Sunday to Saturday, during the first full week of October. See future dates here.


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