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The Most Empowering Experience of My Life (Thanks to my Midwives)

Before I even became pregnant, I had decided with my husband that we wanted to deliver our baby with a midwife. I am so thankful that we have a wonderful midwifery practice in my city that delivers in a great progressive hospital. Although I had been hoping to have a natural birth, even up until the day before my labor started, I lacked the confidence to tell people that I was going to have a natural birth; I would only say that I would "try" to deliver drug-free. Once my labor started, quickly and unexpectedly a week before my due date, I began doubting my ability to do it without drugs. This was more difficult that I had anticipated. When we got to the hospital, I just knew that if the nurse or midwife offered an epidural, I would probably say yes. I was so surprised that my midwife not only didn't offer drugs; she was so calm and treated my labor as something normal, and not scary. Not surprisingly, I didn't feel afraid after that! I saw her confidence in me and my ability to give birth. She and the L&D nurses continually encouraged me with praise about how well I was doing. I got to move around as much as I wanted, and I labored through transition in a jacuzzi tub. When it was time to push the baby out, my midwife asked me what position I wanted to use, rather than told me what I should do. My son was born healthy and beautiful, and he crawled up to nurse within 30 minutes of birth. We were so pleased with our experience that we cannot imagine going to anyone but a midwife for our next child.

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