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Love My Midwife!!

I love my midwife because she is part of our community. Actively involved in a variety of community partnerships, it is so awesome to see her in both the health care aspect of pregnancy but also as a healthy part of a community. I am fortunate to also call her friend, and see her in our church. I like that she exemplifies the healthy lifestyle she asks us to live. Aside from the great prenatal care in which my husband and I felt comfortable to ask her any and every question, we were even more impressed during our labor and birth process. She was a key partner to a healthy birth, and really encouraged me to trust my body. Through that, we were able to have a 100% natural birth…no meds, no interventions – nothing but me, my husband, my body and the miracle that happens. I love that she was there for us each step of the way, and in reflecting on our experience, she was even better than we could have hoped for. She made us feel comfortable, gave us encouragement, and at the very moment of labor when I thought I couldn’t do it, gave me the extra “push” to know I could! I am so thankful we chose to have a midwife. It is through her partnership that we were able to have a really beautiful birth – the memory of which will last a lifetime.

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