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The moment I decided Midwifery was my path

I remember the first moment I knew that baby catching was my calling; the morning my eldest niece was born into this world. I attended UCSC with the goals and ambitions to conquer medical school and become an OBGYN. 2nd yr of premed, I was approached by a representative from the school of nursing at Columbia University. I was introduced to the world of advanced practiced nursing and the philosophy that followed it. I researched and researched; then finally it hit me; nurse midwifery is my future. It encompassed everything I truly believed in; advocacy for mom and baby; the natural perspective of birthing; empowering women to take charge of their bodies; recognizing the strength a woman holds within and the endless limits they can and will endure for their child's well being. It was mandatory to take an internship course with my pre-med major in which I shadow a physician. Well I decided to begin a new trend; I collaborated with my program director to search for a Midwife that would take me on as a student; I succeeded!! The amount of knowledge and skill I took away from that experience inspired me to apply to midwifery schools around the nation. I was accepted into Columbia and immediately decided "yes!". I just finished with the midwifery program at Columbia, and have moved back to CA. I passed my national boards and am now an entry level midwife. I did it; and the journey of midwifery along the way was breathtaking, exhilarating and everything I dreamed it would be.

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