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Tip of the Week: When Disaster Strikes

by Cassie Moore, ACNM Writer and Editor and Tina Johnson, CNM, ACNM Director of Professional Practice & Health Policy We’re adding a new feature to Midwife Connection! Each week, you’ll see a new tip from a midwife at ACNM. Tune in every week for the tip, and if you have tips you’d like to share, feel free to e-mail Cassie at [email protected] Is it just me, or do there seem to be more natural disasters happening closer together? This weekend, we all watched and waited as Hurricane Irene clobb...

Posted 8/29/2011 2:48:17 PM

Mary Breckinridge’s Grand Vision

by Kimla McDonald, CNM, Guest Blogger God bless you, Google, for bringing me to this Web site from a search for “Mary Breckinridge,” where I learned that the US Postal Service issued the 77-cent Mary Breckinridge stamp on November 9, 1998, in Washington, DC. No official ceremony was planned. The stamp was designed by Howard Paine and illustrated by Burt Silverman. Banknote Corporation of America, Inc. printed 110 million stamps in the intaglio process. No official ceremony? I’ll bet there we...

Posted 8/26/2011 11:16:03 AM

Burnout: Midwifery’s Occupational Hazard

by Cassie Moore, ACNM Writer and Editor Over the course of her 16-year career, Rebeca Barroso, CNM, has seen a lot of burnout and attrition among her colleagues. “Of my original five- or six-people study group of classmates, I’m the only one who’s still practicing,” she says. So Barroso decided to study burnout among midwives when she entered the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program at Frontier Nursing University in 2010. Her research, which she expects to publish soon, is proving to b...

Posted 8/23/2011 10:18:07 AM

MomsRising Responds to Bill O’Reilly

Guest Post by MomsRising Last week, Moms Rising sent around a letter in response to Bill O’Reilly’s inflammatory commentary on the news that the Affordable Care Act’s new guidelines require new health insurance plans to cover women’s preventive services such as well-woman visits, breastfeeding support, domestic violence screening, and contraception without charging a co-payment, co-insurance, or a deductible. We thought midwives might enjoy reading their counterpoint, packed with facts, below. ...

Posted 8/18/2011 9:31:07 AM

Hello, Goodbye: Midwives, Birth, and Death

by Cassie Moore, ACNM Writer and Editor If you read the spring issue of Quickening, ACNM’s quarterly member newsletter, you probably came across certified nurse-midwife Leslie Ludka’s fabulous article, “What Birth Teaches Us about Death” (click to read and get a sneak peek at our members-only publication!) In the space of a year, Leslie lost her mother, as well as her ex-husband (who remained her close friend). Around the same time, she caught her granddaughter. Drawing from her experiences,...

Posted 8/16/2011 9:08:47 AM

Pass the Nitrous, Please

by Cassie Moore, ACNM Writer and Editor One of my favorite aspects of my job is speaking with midwives and other health care professionals who are engaged and passionate about what they do. Last week, I talked with Michelle Collins, CNM, PhD(c), RNC, about how she and others at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville recently began providing nitrous oxide as a pain relief option for their clients. Michelle, who is an assistant professor of nursing in the nurse-midwifery specialty...

Posted 8/10/2011 12:59:43 PM

Midwifery by the Numbers

by Kimla McDonald, CNM, Guest Blogger According to Amnesty International’s “Deadly Delivery: The Maternal Health Care Crisis in the USA,” published in March 2010, maternal mortality increased from 6.6 deaths per 100,000 live births in 1987 to 13.3 in 2006. While improved data collection accounts for a portion of this increase, and even though the United States spends more than any other country on health care (about $98 billion for the 4 million births that occur each year), women here have a...

Posted 8/2/2011 8:52:28 AM

August is Midwifery Advocacy Month—6 MORE Ways to Participate

by Lynneece Rooney, CNM, Region V ACNM Government Affairs Committee Representative August is Midwifery Advocacy month, which means that CNMs and CMs should start thinking about how we can advance legislation that helps improve maternity outcomes in the United States and opens doors for midwifery. Your voice may just be one of many, but it is vitally important—after all, we achieved 100% Medicare reimbursement last year thanks to the grassroots advocacy of CNMs and CMs just like you. You can mak...

Posted 8/1/2011 11:58:36 AM



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