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March for Midwives: Why We’re Walking

by Cassie Moore, Writer and Editor, American College of Nurse-Midwives

We recently asked some midwives and their supporters why they are walking on May 5—International Day of the Midwife—during the March for Midwives. Here are two great answers from a midwife and a client:

Suzanne Stalls, CNM, Director of Global Outreach at ACNM:
"I am walking because being a midwife has been one of the greatest good fortunes of my life. I am walking in gratitude for that. I am walking because of all the other midwives in the world who time and again demonstrate commitment, courage, and passion beyond anything I can imagine. I am walking because I can’t stop walking until the women and the families of the world are served in a manner that is safe, loving, and just."

Aisha Alayande, Mother of 6, Maternal Health Advocate, and owner of The Healing Pot:
“Marching for Midwives is important to me because midwives support the fact that giving birth is an intimate time for a family and not a hospital procedure. They support a woman's maternal instinct and instead of promoting fear during childbirth, they induce a more peaceful and empowering environment. This is what my midwife, Nancy Harman, CNM, of Birthwise of Central NC, did for me.

We've had a natural hospital birth, a twin cesarean section, a vbac, and 2 home births (hbacs). The support of our midwife and doula, Wanda, made our births a magical experience and we are forever grateful.”

Aisha Alayande with her daughter, Fidele Oni Alayande
Above: Aisha Alayande with her daughter, Fidele Oni Alayande

For more inspiration, check out Katrina Nardini’s blog, which also provides information about the local walk she is organizing on Saturday, May 7, in Albuquerque, NM.

Why are YOU walking on May 5? Tell us in the comments or on the March for Midwives Facebook page!

Posted 4/29/2011 8:50:08 AM



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