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*** NOTICE ***

As of December 31, 2017 the listserv service will be discontinued.  We will start opening the most active lists to our new Connect discussion site.  If you already belong to some of this lists you will need to re-subscribe to the new discussion groups.  Click here to be redirected to ACNM Connect discussion groups.

Welcome to the ACNM eMidwife discussion lists.

On eMidwife, you can choose from over 30 discussion topics that allow members to exchange information via e-mail in a peer-to-peer forum. The lists remove geographical boundaries from member communication and are available to you - right now - wherever you are.

Colleagues on the various lists can share ideas, get information, and ask questions on important issues. The lists are easy to use and help you stay current on trends in midwifery. eMidwife discussion lists are for ACNM members only. Read the e-Midwife Rules, Etiquette, and F.A.Q.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why am I not receiving emails from the lists I belong to?

This usually happens because of one of two reasons:

  • Make sure you are using the email address that ACNM has on file.  If you are unsure click here to have your username and password emailed to you.
  • To reduce spam, some Email/Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have restricted incoming emails.  Members need to make sure their providers add our listserv domain name ( to their white (safe) list or list of accepted email addresses (contact list).

2. How do I email a list I am subscribed to?

Put the list name followed by into the To field of your email. For example, to email the clinical management list, send an email to [email protected].

3. Replying to Messages

By default, clicking the REPLY button will distribute your reply to the entire emidwife list. Before clicking SEND, please make sure the "To:" field only contains the e-mail address(s) of the intended recipients. If you are sending a private message to an individual, make sure you have his/her address in the "To:" field, not the list address.

4. Can I post surveys on the lists?

ACNM does not allow solicitation of our members for non-approved surveys or research on our listservs. Requests to access members via the ACNM mailing list or listservs, or to conduct surveys at the annual meeting must be sent to the ACNM national office to the attention of Andre Owens, Manager, Membership & Marketing, at [email protected], and Elaine Germano, Senior Education Policy Advisor, at [email protected]

A signed IRB statement is required before approval can be given. Please refrain from posting non-approved surveys on the listservs.

5. Can I send attachments?

Attachments are not allowed on the listserv due to the increased virus and worm attacks as well as bandwidth issues. If you wish to share files (pdfs, images, word files) with the list, we suggest that it be posted on a web site and that you send the URL.

I still have questions.

Contact ACNM staff by email or phone at 240-485-1813 for assistance.


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