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The Case of the Mysterious Midwife

One quiet night after midnight, in a lull between labor patients, my midwifery preceptor took me on a tour of the hospital where I was doing my clinical rotation. I had been there for a few months but coming and going through the OB doors I had no idea how the rest of the hospital was laid out.

Like Nancy Drew investigating quiet corridors with soft steps and lowered voices, we made our way over to the med surg floor. We introduced ourselves to the nurses who were surprised to learn that midwives were working in their facility. These registered nurses who worked just one dark, drafty passageway away from labor and delivery didnt even know that midwives could attend births in a hospital.

My preceptor was well known in our small town. All I had to do was mention that I worked with Helene and young mothers would start fan-girling. “You work with Helene?” theyd ask me as they boasted that Helene had been their midwife.

Not only did she have a busy, thriving practice full of highly satisfied clients, but Helene had been working there for 15 years! She had two CNM partners in the practice with her, all doing full-scope midwifery care. How was it possible that other nurses in the same small town, working in the same hospital NOT know that this outstanding womens health care provider was catching a good chunk of the babies?

I felt so disappointed – and defensive. I was proud to be a student midwife, and proud of my amazing preceptor and the work she was doing. It hurt that other health care professionals didnt appreciate her gifts. She was the most popular midwife in that part of the state. What more could she do to get the word out about midwives?

We walked on to the ED without taking the time to educate the nurses about our training and scope of practice. If only I had had a pocketful of Our Moment of Truth cards ready to hand to these nurses. Our Moment of Truth (OMOT) is an initiative by the American College of Nurse-Midwives that encourages women to become aware of their health care options. With award winning videos, handouts, and social media tips, OMOT wouldve helped us explain to the nurses that midwives and midwifery care are important options that should be the norm for womens health care services.

OMOT business cards are conveniently sized and have enough detail to highlight the education, scope, and benefits of midwifery care. This attractive, professional card looks just like your personalized business cards.

OMOT is about public education and change. Its about care options.It encourages women to become aware of their own health care options and make informed decisions. Its also an invitation to help. Our Moment of Truths mission is to improve women's health and maternity care in the US by re-introducing midwives and midwifery care as important options that should be the norm for women's health care services.

Downloadable OMOT business cards are an easy way for midwives to market themselves and their practices. Take some of the mystery out of health care by printing some OMOT cards for your practice and begin sharing them with your family, friends and clients…and your coworkers on med surg.

By Karen E. Ady, CNM, MSN

Posted By Michele Lunsford | 7/5/2016 9:57:43 AM



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