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Mother Health International - Volunteer Midwives and Apprenticeships

Mother Health International

Mother Health International (MHI) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to respond and provide relief to pregnant women and children in areas of disaster, war and extreme economic poverty. We are committed to reducing maternal and infant mortality rates by creating culturally competent, sustainable and holistic birth centers using the midwifery model of care. We work alongside traditional midwives to create best practices that work towards our goals of access to comprehensive maternal health care, education and the facilitation of positive childbirth experiences. With every healthy birth there is a benefit for the communities that we serve and the world as a whole.

Earth Birth Centers are country-specific, locally sustained maternity and resource centers staffed by local midwives. Mother Health International helps to physically build structures, develop culturally competent protocols, and work hand in hand with traditional midwives to develop skills and create sustainable methods for obtaining supplies, transport and volunteers. Creating spaces where women can access comprehensive care and also join in community restoration efforts is intrinsic to our mission. Our outcomes make it clear that our model works to reduce maternal and infant mortality. Simultaneously, we combat the violence and trauma that women often experience giving birth in overcrowded and understaffed hospitals.

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Volunteer Midwife

Mother Health International is seeking volunteer midwives and OBGYNs who believe and are willing to practice using in a traditional midwifery model of care.

We are seeking volunteer midwives who practice gentle birth techniques that allow a woman to birth with dignity, love and with family support.

We are looking for skilled midwives and OB/GYNs who are willing to donate a minimum of one month of their time to serve the women in Atiak, Uganda and potentially act as a NARM preceptor. Please visit to obtain approval. Uganda is a NARM approved site.

Mother Health International offers housing for midwives during their volunteer time with local food and basic essentials provided. We ask that volunteer midwives gather donated supplies in preparation for their journey.

If you are interested in volunteering with MHI please fill out the appropriate volunteer application below and send it and all required paperwork to [email protected].
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Apprentice Midwife

Mother Health International has a NARM approved birth center located in Atiak, Uganda.

We accept up to four apprentices per month. While the birth house is considered high volume, we make no guarantees about 'numbers' for students.

We recommend 12 weeks, but require a minimum of 8 weeks for all apprentices to allow for continuity of care . During the apprenticeship, you will observe and practice all aspects of midwifery relating to pregnancy and childbirth with the mother, traditional midwives and a NARM approved preceptor. These experiences include prenatal exams, births, and postpartum visits.

Students are responsible for paying their own airfare and in country transportation. A monthly fee will cover food, housing and a preceptor on site.

Our clinic in Northern Uganda is extremely rural. Housing is in traditional mud style huts with outdoor showers and composting toilets. We have solar power on site for charging electronics and students can purchase modems for internet access, however, the clinic is very far removed from the 'comforts' of modern day life. Because the site is so rural it is not recommended for those with serious medical conditions.

For newer students or those who do not seek NARM certification, we have opportunities in Senegal as well.

Our apprenticeship is perfect for those midwifery students who want to embrace and practice a Traditional Midwifery Model of Care with emphasis towards recognizing that the least interventions brings the best outcomes in birth. If you are coming with your preceptor she will need to fill out and submit the volunteer midwife application with your application. Please download and fill out the apprentice application and submit it to [email protected].

For detailed information about our program in Uganda, download our student handbook here.

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