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Photos from ACNM's Lobby Day 2015

This year, ACNM's goal is to give you simple, quick things to do that can make a difference for women, babies and midwifery. Each week, we will focus on a separate thing that can be done. Here are the things we have planned.

1. Ask Your Legislators to Support the Improving Access to Maternity Care Act (H.R. 1209/S. 628). On August 3, ACNM sent out an Action Alert help you encourage legislators to cosponsor this important bill. It take just seconds to send the pre-written letter. If you want to know more about the bill, check out this page.

2. If you Participated in Lobby Day during ACNM's Annual Meeting, Follow Up! Congressional staffers are very busy, often pulled in directions. To ensure the message you delivered during Lobby Day got through, on August 10, ACNM will encourage all Lobby Day participants to call the staffers you met with and ask if they have had a chance to discuss with their boss cosponsoring the "Improving Access to Maternity Care Act" (H.R. 1209/S. 628) or "Quality Care for Moms and Babies Act" (S. 466). Contact information for the staffers with whom we had appointments is available here.

3. Ask your Legislators to Support the Quality Care for Moms and Babies Act (S. 466). This bill will result in the creation of more quality measures related to maternal care and their wider use. It has strong support in the Senate and has passed through a key committee, but needs support across the entire chamber. On August 17, ACNM will send out an Action Alert for you to let your Senators know how important this bill is.

4. Jump into State Advocacy. As you all know, state advocacy has an enormous impact on midwifery. To give you ideas about things you can do locally, ACNM will send out a brief email on August 24, with specific things you can do to get involved, ranging from the quick and simple to the strategic and long-term.

5. A Midwifery Thunderclap. On August 31, ACNM will sponsor a “Thunderclap" campaign. A Thunderclap is a tool that lets a message be heard when you and your friends say it together. Upon sharing the same message at the same time, spreading an idea through Facebook and Twitter cannot be ignored. Our goal is to encourage midwifery supporters to use a special Action Alert just for them to contact their legislators and ask them to support the Improving Access to Maternity Care Act. In some of our past grassroots efforts, midwifery supporters have actually generated more messages to legislators than midwives themselves. So sign up today to participate in the Thunderclap and amplify midwifery’s voice!


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