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Introducing the new ACNM CEO

Dear Member,

What a privilege to join you and your colleagues in midwifery as CEO of the American College of Nurse-Midwives!

On Monday, my very first day on the job at the ACNM national office, I began my commitment to our members to work with women for a lifetime. I've engaged with our elected leadership, staff, affiliates and divisions. And I made the first of what will be many contributions to our Midwives PAC and the A.C.N.M. Foundation to build midwifery and its voice in Washington. (You can too by clicking here and here.) In 25 years of advocacy and professional association leadership, the last 16 in advanced practice, I've learned that our members and mission come first. And that every day, my first, middle and last priorities are to work to build trust.

Under the direction of Board of Directors President Lisa Kane Low and our Board, we will continue to strengthen and grow ACNM membership, member engagement and revenues. We will advance the sustainability of this organization and its amazing heritage. And we will expand and clarify ACNM's voice on behalf of midwifery, women and children. Lisa and outgoing Acting CEO Wendy Scott (who is transitioning with us through Oct. 28) have set the table beautifully to advance midwifery's advocacy in Washington and support our affiliates with our team of Cara Kinzelman and Patrick Cooney.

We are all in this together - and so I'll conclude by saying I need your help.

I ask for your continued support as ACNM members. If you've renewed, thank you! If you've lapsed, the red carpet is out now.

I ask you to please introduce yourself to me at Midwifery Works! 2016, Nov. 3-6 in Myrtle Beach, SC! If you're not registered, there's still time.

Finally, I ask you to please take my calls and follow my social media posts. Every week, I'll call a few ACNM members so you can tell me how we're doing. Like the work of midwives everywhere, change and forward momentum are constants here at ACNM. I believe you'll like what's coming.

For all you do for our wonderful clients, practice and profession, thank you!


Frank Purcell

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