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Division of Research Sections

DOR chairperson: Lisa Hanson

ACNM Board of Directors Liaison:  Jenny Foster

ACNM Staff Liaison:  Elaine Germano

The work of the DOR is organized into four Sections, which are described below. The Section Chairs plus the Division Chair constitute the DOR Governing Board. Each new DOR member is asked to join a Section and work on its activities.

Division of Research Chair - Lisa Hanson

  • Facilitates the work of the sections of the DOR
  • Coordinates DOR activities
  • Oversees the Strategic Plan for Research, and Research Agenda
  • Reports to the ACNM Board of Directors

Research Dissemination Section - Carrie Klima, Chair

Research Dissemination Section: Promotes the development of a research culture within the ACNM.


  • Coordinate DOR activities at the Annual Meeting
  • Support specific activities to assist members to use research and evidence-based care in clinical practice.
  • Serve as liaison with the Program Committee.  Promote & facilitate international research presentations at the ACNM Annual Meeting
  • Oversees the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Research

Networking Section – Kathryn Osborne, Chair

Networking Section: Links midwifery researchers.


  • Manage the DOR membership, including generation of appointment letters, tracking terms of service, and maintenance of the database.
  • Develop student membership, including development of student interest & participation in research
  • Link midwifery researchers to one another nationally and internationally, including service as liaison with the ACNM Division of Global Health, the ACNM Department of Global Outreach, and the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) Research Standing Committee.
  • Facilitate the linkage of clinical practice with midwifery research.
  • Provide oversight of DOR web page
  • Oversees the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Research

Data Information Management Section - Mary K Barger, Chair

Encourages the systematic collection of data for midwifery practice & education.


  • Continue the development & refinement of data collection about midwifery practice including the use of minimum data sets.
  • Support the use of technology in the collection of midwifery data by members
    • Coordinate collaboration with other maternity care stakeholders on the use of technology to track maternity care processes and care
  • Coordinate the use of data portals by ACNM researchers.
  • Oversee the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Research.

Survey Section - Kerry Schuiling, Chair

Reviews requests from researchers who wish to use ACNM members as participants in their research study.


  • Review requests from researchers who wish to use ACNM members as participants in a study
    • Requests are received from the national office DOR liaison
  • Maintain up-to-date guidelines for approval of research surveys from researchers wishing to conduct research surveys of ACNM members
  • Use the guidelines to review proposals for research surveys that wish to use ACNM members as participants in the study.
  • Provide input (as requested) to the National Office on research conducted by ACNM staff and members that focuses on its members, including proposals from ACNM volunteer groups/committees or staff departments.
  • Serve as advisor to the National Office Staff in preparing the Membership Survey (annually and as needed);
  • Advise ACNM volunteer groups or staff who conduct official ACNM research
  • Assist with the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Research
  • Foster research by ACNM and its membership that is in line with the Strategic Plan for Research

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