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Regional Realignment Member Feedback

ACNM member feedback requested on proposed realignment of ACNM Regions

The ACNM Board of Directors (BOD) will vote on a proposed realignment of the ACNM Region structure during its next meeting at the ACNM 58th Annual Meeting & Exhibition. The BOD requests that members review the rationale for change and the proposed new structure described below.

According to the ACNM Bylaws ARTICLE V: Section A.: Regions: defines Regions within the ACNM organizational structure and the role of the ACNM Board in determining the number and boundaries of the ACNM Regions through periodic evaluation of the geographic size and member distribution of the regions for balance.

Recent review of ACNM’s current Region alignment, pictured below, shows an unequal distribution of members between Regions, ranging from a low 717 members to 1498 members in the most populous region. There is an even more dramatic imbalance in geographic and ACNM affiliate representation, with a low of 5 and a high of 16 affiliates per region.

ACNM and its members have made a substantial commitment to the development of an organized and active network of ACNM affiliates across the nation. ACNM Regional Representatives to the Board of Directors support the leadership of these still-maturing organizations, aiding their development into effective entities that both provide value to their members and work locally to increase access to midwifery care for the women and newborns within their jurisdictions. It is a critical time in the gestation of ACNM’s affiliates; ACNM’s regional structure must reflect a balanced workload and manageable geographic and affiliate representation assigned to each Regional Representative in order for them to operate most effectively.

With that in mind, the Regional Reps have recommended a modification to the ACNM region structure that would add a seventh ACNM Region and Regional Rep to the Board of Directors. The proposed regional realignment would divide the affiliates represented within each region equally, and in a geographically friendly way. The realignment is pictured below:

Each Regional Representative would represent the members and support the leadership of either 7 or 8 ACNM affiliates, correcting the wide range of 5 to 16 represented per region under the current structure. Some variation in the total number of members per region would remain, but no more so than under the current structure.

The realignment of ACNM affiliates into this new 7 Region structure would impact the regions being served by some current Regional Representatives. This would be addressed through the 2014 ACNM election cycle. The current Region I representative’s term of office ends in 2014; the newly-elected Region II Representative is from an affiliate that would move into Region I during this transition. She would then serve out the balance of her term as the Region I Representative. The current Region IV Representative, being from an affiliate that would transition to Region II, would take over representation of Region II. Region IV would elect a new representative in the 2014 election cycle. Regions VI and VII would also elect new Regional Representatives in 2014. Representation of Regions III and V would not be effected by the proposed transition and would remain on their normal election schedule.

We thank you for your attention to this matter. To provide the Board of Directors with your feedback, please leave a comment below. You will need to log in at the top right of this page using your ACNM username and password. The member comment period will end on Thursday, May 16th.

Posted By Barbra Elenbaas | 4/19/2013 4:10:09 PM


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