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Jane Dyer, CNM, PhD, MBA, FACNM

Jane DyerCandidate for Region VI Representative

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Question: What are the top priorities for ACNM? Explain why these are the top priorities and how you anticipate addressing them within the prospective position you are seeking with ACNM.

Answer: With the changes in regional composition, the new Region VI is comprised of states with great strengths and challenges. There are committed midwives in each state who have worked hard to establish a strong midwifery presence. There are excellent educational programs, some celebrating 25 or nearly 50 years of educating midwives. However, the region is characterized by few metropolitan areas and large expanses of rural and frontier land, creating a geographic challenge to the development of one cohesive community of midwives. Gathering for affiliate meetings, sharing information, and providing support to other midwives can be difficult.

A top priority for me as Region VI Representative will be increasing communication among ACNM members and from the national organization. I will use technologies like individual communications, group video conversations, and video reports that can be conveniently accessed around a midwife’s busy schedule. I commit to providing regular updates about national work and how it impacts Region VI midwives. Helping midwives in Region VI become aware of the advocacy happening at the national level will make their membership even more valuable.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides an opportunity to increase the role of midwives in providing high quality care. Implementation will be the challenge. A CNM for 35 years, I believe that we face some of the same challenges as always, with one great difference: now we have a federal mandate that supports midwifery care. Assisting Region VI midwives to understand and achieve the role envisioned by the ACA will be a top priority for me, if elected. Assuring that Region VI midwives are knowledgeable about the provisions in the federal mandate, receive the support needed to achieve them, and share their successes, again, requires communication.

Given the previous challenges described, educating additional midwives will be my third priority. As a former Program Director, I am acutely aware of the difficulties of educating new midwives. Funding, faculty, preceptors, and qualified applicants are difficulties that require constant attention and a comprehensive regional plan. I will engage in conversations, promote agreement, and assist in a collaborative effort among stakeholders to address the issues around education of midwives for Region VI.

My choice to be a candidate for Region VI Representative is a reflection of my belief in midwifery and the importance of our professional organization.

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